Don't legalize synthetic drugs that's the problem avoid that. *Synthetic drugs are best sellers because buyers can't find weed and sellers say - I don't have weed take this* is "Better". That's the problem for the users and that's why they go to hard drugs. We learn from school say no to drugs, but the weed is a natural product and has things that a lot of medical users find the benefits from it. For ex. A medical user like to travel to Greece for the summer and because its not legal, he/she choose a different country  in Europe who they sell it legal. My proposal after this is:
  • A) Only if coffee shops owners and hotel managers have a training from other country's that's already legal to learn how to sell and to what age.
  • B) The registration for the coffee shops and hotels to take agreement to sell must start from 500.000 euros like the casinos. (Tax 50%)
  • C) To what age? After of research I think best age is after 20 because the brain has grow complete. For medical users there is no age it's important.
  • D) Driving skills are effected after using it (depends how much) so for ex. the driving license will be removed for 2 months and the fine is 200 euros. ( If you are stupid after drug test the fine goes to 500 euros with 6 months without license.) The tourists can't rent a car or a motorbike (if they lie and make an accident the court will choose the fine) and they will using public transportation. (More jobs)
  • E) The farmers must have legal permition to grow with ISO. ( If they are doing what they like the product that was for sell goes free to the government)
  Greek Spy

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