Adblocker is the news

On June 20, 2013, in archive, by Greek Spy

After watching to many sites without seeing any ads even on YT playing videos with no ads, now is the time to share it with all of you. Adblocking is not a crime or what alse you have in your heads lol.

To those who sale ads is the new step to put them in websites and pay them by month and not paying by view or clicks.

(Easy Money)

Now how you can do it very easy.

1st you must have chrome and you must be connected.

2nd you add this 2 Extensions named AdBlock with red icon and a hand inside it and the other one is  ScrewAds with a screw inside the logo.

Now you are free from ads.

(Tested alsmost for 5 months and I love to surf more.)

Copy or share it I dont care just adblockScrew them LMAO



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